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    26 Sneakers That Will Make You Reconsider Wearing Heels Ever Again

    Wearing heels is ~so yesterday~.

    1. A pair of super-fun, vibrant sneakers with a '90s vibe that you won't even need excuses to wear.

    2. A pair of metallic sneakers you'll truly shine in. (Sorry, had to.)

    3. These classic sneaks that so cute and comfortable you'll want to wear them to your next fancy event, no matter the dress code.

    4. A colorful pair you shouldn't sleep in, but totally could. I mean, they basically make you feel like you're wearing clouds on your feet, so why not?

    5. These Tioseban sneakers with a mesh top that'll almost make you feel like you're just wearing socks.

    6. Some slip-ons that fold down in the back, making it even easier to get them on your feet.

    7. These glittery beauties, because everyone needs one pair of glittery sneakers, and that's just a fact.

    8. A basic pair of high-tops that'll make you feel like dancing down the street without a care in the world.

    9. Leather sneakers you can pair with literally everything. Jeans? Yep! A midi skirt? Oh yeah! A fancy dress? You betcha!

    10. A slip-on pair that'll put a wrap on any feelings about wearing uncomfortable shoes ever again.

    11. Lace-up sneakers with a padded footbed because your feet deserve as much support as you do!

    12. A pair of lightweight wool sneakers so comfy you might take the long way to work just to wear these more.

    13. Velvet sneakers you'll have no prob-llama wearing every single day — just imagine these lil' guys cheering you on as you crush whatever the day throws your way!

    14. A pair of high-quality sneaks that are a better investment than the stock market right now because they'll last you for years and years.

    15. Some splurge-worthy low-top sneakers for anyone who takes their shoe shopping seriously.

    16. Superga sneakers that Kate Middleton has been spotted wearing on more than one occasion. If they're good enough for the future queen, they're def good enough for you to rock all the time.

    17. A pair of retro kicks to take you back to 1999 with Charlie XCX and the good ol' days.

    18. A lightweight pair so chic you can wear them to work and your boss won't even notice you're not wearing those uncomfortable shoes you always force yourself into at the office.

    19. A pair of breathable sport shoes you can wear all weekend long as you run every errand you put off during the week. That's what Saturday and Sunday are for, right?

    20. A leopard-print pair of kicks that'll work for every season — they're basically a neutral!

    21. An embroidered floral sneaker you need, because read my tulips: THESE ARE ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

    22. A wedge sneaker for when you want a little lift minus all the fuss (and pain) of real heels.

    23. A pair with fringe that will eliminate the tassel of breaking in shoes. Take these out of the box and they're good to go!

    24. A pair of trainers you could wear to work out (or, you know, just to let people *think* you worked out).

    25. A high-end pair that look chic and will feel heavenly on your feet, even if you have foot problems.

    26. And a sock sneaker, so you can pretend to be a Kardashian even without a Karadashian salary. (They make how much per Instagram post?!)

    I'm addicted to buying shoes, and 100% okay with it!

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