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    29 Pairs Of Shoes For Anyone Who Just Wants Some New Shoes

    "Omigod, SHOES!"

    When was the last time you treated yourself to a fantastic new pair of shoes?

    1. A pair of snuggly snow boots, so you can belt out "the cold never bothered me anyway" like Elsa and mean it.

    2. A pair of retro Oxford flats that will make any outfit look professional and polished AF.

    3. A classic pair of Dr. Martens combat boots, so you can stomp around like you're an angsty teen trolling your local shopping mall.

    4. A pair of suede sneakers with a satin bow on the back that will make any traditional girly-girl scream with excitement.

    5. A faux-fur-lined rain boot, because you deserve a shoe that will keep your little piggies both warm and dry while you head to the market.

    6. An embroidered pair of ankle boots so freakin' fabulous you won't even want to wear them outdoors for fear of getting them dirty.

    7. A transparent heel that will let you channel your inner Kim Kardashian even if Yeezys aren't in your budget.

    8. A glittering pair of heels, so you will feel like you're starring in the Victoria's Secret fashion show while walking literally anywhere.

    9. A chunky pair of sneakers that (believe it or not) are all the rage right now.

    10. A pair of platform clogs, so you can stand tall without suffering from the discomfort of regular heels.

    11. A pretty pair of stilettos that feature a bow so elegant you won't be able to keep yourself from smiling when you strap them on.

    12. A pair of chunky over-the-knee boots, so you can dress exactly like Ariana Grande while listening to "Thank U, Next" on repeat for the rest of your life.

    13. A pair of loafers for a casual but chic addition to your ever-growing shoe collection.

    14. A pair of stiletto booties that you won't mind getting wet because they're made of faux suede.

    15. A pair of durable leather booties, so you can look fashionable without breaking an ankle.

    16. A pair of classic ballet flats that you can easily store in your desk drawer at work for a quick change on wet-weather days.

    17. A pair of trendy Nike sneakers, so you can look FIRE while getting your steps in at the gym.

    18. A pair of sherpa slides, because everyone should have a pair of semi-ridiculous sandals to wear on vacation.

    19. A pair of strappy pumps that will make you say "dayyyyum girl!" when you look in the mirror.

    20. A traditional pair of Ugg boots, because I don't care what you say, they are truly the MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES OF ALL TIME.

    21. A casual slip-on sneaker that is both fashionable and comfortable, so even the pickiest of shoe shoppers will give it a thumbs-up.

    22. A pair of memory-foam slippers, so you can pad around your house like antisocial royalty.

    23. A splurgeworthy pair of red cowboy boots that will have you bragging about how well you "pull them off" just like Ted Mosby does in How I Met Your Mother.

    24. A pair of tall, faux fur-lined combat boots, perfect for sloshing around in the rain or snow while looking cooler than ever. Oh, and they have a hidden pocket to hold all your necessities!

    25. A pair of leopard-print stiletto booties that you'll want in your closet right meow.

    26. A pair of rhinestone mules, so you can bling in the new year from head to toe.

    27. A pair of vintage-style pumps that will transport you back in time to another (possibly more fashionable) era.

    28. A pair of super-comfy sneakers, so when you're running late (as per usual) you'll have a go-to shoe you can leave by the front door.

    29. And a shearling loafer mule that will have you reciting "Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang" as you catwalk to the subway.

    You, appreciating your fabulous new shoes:

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