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    28 Comfy Pairs Of Pants You'll Want To Replace All Your Jeans With

    Switching up your style doesn't mean you have to compromise on your comfort.

    1. A floral wide-leg trouser so cute you're going to want to show these off to all your friends and Insta followers.

    2. A pair of cotton trousers that are perfect for that beach house you're going to (or the one you're dreaming of going to one day).

    3. Some high-waisted joggers designed so nobody can ~see~ your great fashion game coming.

    4. A belted eyelet trouser you can dress up with a pair of heels or down with some sneakers for a cool day look.

    5. Some ankle dress pants to wear to work and feel like a total boss. You got this!

    6. Or a pair of bag waist pants you can totally wear to work even if you have a job in a professional setting...or even on any day when you're out and about running errands.

    7. A pair of polka dot culottes...or should I call them a ~cool-ottes~, because that's how you'll feel wearing them.

    8. Cargo pants perfect for a day full of adventure, even if the weather decides it wants you to feel like you might be standing on the sun.

    9. A boho-inspired wide leg floral pant that'll slowly replace all the dresses in your closet. Just think how great these would be for that next wedding you have to attend!

    10. Some colorblock joggers you could wear with their matching top for a super cute matching set or on their own for a different look you could really make your own.

    11. A wide-leg pair so comfy, you might feel like you're wearing pajamas all day. And isn't that a great way to live your life?

    12. Some trousers that have ties on the ankle because you will not be ~tied down~ by anything, especially uncomfortable pants.

    13. A wide-leg pant with a contrasting panel on the bottom to make things a little more interesting.

    14. Faux leather leggings that you'll feel like Sandy from Grease in, but in a way more modern and updated way.

    15. Some pleated palazzo pants you can pair with a crop top for a great "going out" outfit when you're tired of wearing jeans.

    16. A drama fringe pant – they're just begging you to shake your body when you wear them. Come on! Look how fun these pants are! How can you NOT want to wear them?

    17. Some skinny ankle pants with pleated details at the knees and an ankle zipper – they're so versatile, you'll be wearing them all year long.

    18. A wide-leg trouser you can wear on a windy day without worrying about having a Marilyn Monroe moment because you're in chic pants!

    19. Embroidered fatigue pants to upgrade your basic jeans and a white tee look.

    20. A high-waisted pant that'll add just the right amount of ~flare flair~ to your wardrobe.

    21. A tie-dye pair you'll be dye-ing to wear more this summer because tie-dye is back, and you're ready to embrace this groovy trend again.

    22. A linen-cotton pair perfect for those super hot days when you know you're going to start sweating immediately after you step outside, but you don't want to wear shorts.

    23. A knit straight leg pant with an elastic waistband – just slide them on in the morning instead of spending a good five minutes trying to wiggle your way into your skinny jeans.

    24. A pair of slip flowy pants just begging for you to take them on your next vacation. These will look great exploring a new city *or* on a beach. The versatility is amazing.

    25. Smocked pants made of a lightweight woven fabric you'll want to show off to everyone you know.

    26. A pair of harem pants you can throw on with a black shirt whenever you oversleep and need to get out of the house ASAP.

    27. Patch-pocket chinos designed with 2% spandex to give you just the right amount of stretch so you don't feel like you're wearing two casts on your legs that make it super hard to bend you knees and walk.

    28. And a pair you'll want to splurge on in a great maroon color that you'll wear for years and years and years.

    Comfy pants require a happy dance.

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