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    28 Incredibly Adorable Back-To-School Products

    Who wants boring school supplies when you can have these???

    1. A tape dispenser for when you need to ~hang~ in there and get through the week. Sometimes you just need to chill and take it easy.

    2. A sprout-shaped bookmark to help your reading really ~grow~ because you'll know exactly where you left off and won't have to spend five minutes looking for the place again.

    3. A dinosaur backpack your little one will most likely think is dino-mite. (And everyone else who sees it will probably think the same thing. I mean, just look at it!)

    4. A reusable bag that won't ~suc~ to pack a sandwich or a snack in. Bonus: you'll feel better about reducing your plastic waste while using it.

    5. Some emoji erasers to put on top of your pencils and make standardized testing a little less ~crappy~ to take.

    6. A chic hand sanitizer you really ~mist~ use for school because there's SO many germs just flying around everywhere.

    7. A post-it note dispenser that's a ~purrr-fect~ addition to your desk to help motivate you to power through your study session because you know you're working toward the day you're able to provide for your future cat.

    8. A koala-ty backpack basically designed so that everyone stops you to tell you how amazing it is. Just look at those little guys!!!

    9. A set of pencils with a little bit of motivation printed on 'em, because school is hard and sometimes you just need your pencil to remind you that you can totally do this.

    10. A water bottle you'll use all the time – that's just a ~plane~ and simple fact.

    11. A set of folders with the most adorable puppies and kittens on them because, honestly, what's better than that?

    12. A lunch bag you'll ~glitter-ly~ be obsessed with and want to use every single day (even on Saturday and Sunday).

    13. Some pens – plain black pens are for boring and serious people and you are not that.

    14. A supply set any future doctor or nurse will find hilarious and fun to use while they study to learn how to save our lives. And for that, we will be eternally grateful.

    15. A personalized pencil case you'll ~prick~ year after year as your go-to bag because it fits all the essentials and looks good while holding them.

    16. Milk Bottle correction tape because everyone makes mistakes, and everyone has those days, and sometimes you just need an adorable way to make it all go away.

    17. A set of suckers for a sweet treat—oh wait, no, these are actually pens! You'll probably fool all of your classmates when you use them, too.

    18. A blanket even a ~sly fox~ couldn't refuse using for nap time. Side note: why does nap time stop after kindergarten? Every grade should get an optional nap time.

    19. A pencil sharpener that comes with four erasers so you'll have so mush-room to put the right answers down after you erase the wrong ones.

    20. A backpack – everyone will be like, "You've got to be ~kitten~ me right now~" when they see it.

    21. A pencil case so ~out of this world~ you'll probably spend a good chunk of time after you get it just staring at it and saying "Ohhhhhhh".

    22. A notebook with a little bit of ~sloth-spiration~ on it – this little guy is just the sweetest.

    23. A pencil case filled with a ~bunch~ of coordinating supplies that will most likely be the ~root~ of your happiness this school year.

    24. A pack of band aids because getting hurt is ~monstor-us~ and adorable bandages are one way to help you feel better, I promise.

    25. A planner to help make it seem like you've got your life together in a totally cool way, even if you don't.

    26. A lunch box – everyone who sees it will ~marvel~ at it because it's just THAT cool.

    27. Some desk buddies to help you get through studying because it really is more fun to study when you have friends around.

    28. A pencil case made of one long zipper, which is not only so genius, but so cool looking, too. Why didn't I think of that?

    Ready for the first day of school with all your new cute supplies like:

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