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This Video Of Elders Reacting To Elvis Shows That Fangirling Is Nothing New

Justin Bieber can't touch the King, though.

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On this episode of Elders React, the Fine Brothers show seniors Elvis videos, making them swoon all over the place.

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Their first reactions are typically: OMG!

The ladies drool all over him.

Even the men are like, "Oh hell yes."

Look at them there moves!

They all wiggle a little as they watch him perform.

Many of them recount how their parents were horrified and thought he ruined music.

But maybe that's because Elvis was a new type of musician with a totally different sound.

And that's something that resonates with younger generations.

It seems we can attribute our idea of celebrity culture to Elvis, because he was the first global phenomenon.

He came on the scene before The Beatles, and it was the first time girls freaked out over a celebrity like that.

The girls, no matter the age, still freak out over him! So there you have it, Elvis is the reason we have the Justin Bieber's and One Direction's of the world. God bless The King.

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