The Week In Television, In Animated Gifs

Over the past seven days, we learned a lot of new things about people we love: Pat Sajak used to get drunk on “Wheel Of Fortune,” Chelsea Handler has an unwarranted distaste for Joan Rivers, and Mauirce Sendak is really quite hilarious for a crotchety old guy.

1. Maurice Sendak and Stephen Colbert had the best interview of the week

[watch part 1, part 2]

ID: 97185

2. Pat Sajak admitted that he used to get drunk on the set of “Wheel Of Fortune”

[watch clip]

ID: 97486

3. Jack Donaghy and Devin Banks changed the NBC mascot to a unicorn named “Magelica”

[watch clip]

ID: 97341

4. Seal talked to Ellen about his split from Heidi Klum

[watch clip]

ID: 97433

5. Jon Stewart shot down Newt’s plans to take over the moon

[watch clip]

ID: 97226

6. Guy Fieri eating in reverse haunted our dreams

[watch clip]

ID: 97154

7. Alec Baldwin made fun of Piers Morgan

[watch clip]

ID: 97201

8. We met a new redneck reality family

[watch clip]

ID: 97160

9. Carrie Brownstein’s iPhone died

[watch clip]

ID: 97158

10. Katherine Heigl’s daughter chilled with the ladies of The View

[watch clip]

ID: 97317

11. Parks & Rec went bowling

[watch clip]

ID: 97254

12. Blair Waldorf fist-bumped with guidos at her bachelorette party

[watch clip]

ID: 97457

13. Robin Williams hung out with a two-headed monster

[watch clip]

ID: 97199

14. Joan Rivers feuded with Chelsea Handler

[watch clip]

ID: 97490

15. Tom Green returned to our lives

[watch clip]

ID: 97143

16. Chuy inspected Lisa VanderPump’s ass for implants

[watch clip]

ID: 97324

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