Haim And Los Campesinos Have The World’s Most Indie Twitter Fight

Poor Gareth. posted on

1. Gareth from jaunty indie miserablists Los Campesinos! tweeted this picture on Sunday night:

Los Campesinos! were playing at the 700 capacity Gorilla venue in Manchester. Haim were playing at the 1,500 capacity Ritz directly over the road.

3. Unfortunately for Gareth, Haim saw the tweet. Their response was basically unimprovable:

4. Buuuuurrrrrnnnnnnnnn.

5. Poor Gareth.

Haim fans are waiting outside the venue to shout abuse at me. They are chanting "fuck you Gareth".

6. Still, he wasn’t going down without a fight.

Both bands are also playing London tonight. Fortunately, this time the venues are about three miles apart, so the chances of running street battles between rival gangs of indie kids seems minimal.


Boots the Chemist have yet to respond.

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