The Internet Reacts To Eva Mendes Allegedly Having Ryan Gosling’s Baby

Hey girl, sorry to break your heart but …

1. Yes, Ryan Gosling has *figuratively* impregnated us all with his PERFECT face and PERFECT body … BUT NOW …

Warner Bros. Pictures

2. Eva Mendes is allegedly pregnant with Ryan’s Gosling’s baby …

Focus Features / Via

3. And the sound of a million breaking hearts were heard all throughout the Internet:

4. Tears were shed:

5. MANY MANY tears were shed:

6. Gosling-McAdams loyalists blew out the candles they kept lit all these years:

*NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO* RT @BuzzFeed: Eva Mendes Allegedly Pregnant With Ryan Gosling's Baby

— Tanya_Chen (@Tanya Chen)

7. The high road was attempted to be taken …

Eva Mendes is 7 months pregnant with Ryan Gosling's baby. Delighted for them!! *bawls*.

— AislinnOT (@Aislinn O'Toole)

8. Dreams were shattered:

ryan gosling & eva mendes are having a baby. pretty much how rachel mcadams &the rest of the female population feels:

— tarynkasper (@taryn)

9. Delusions were created:

Yes, the rumours are true. I am 7 months pregnant with Ryan Gosling's baby.

— sammontgomery (@Sam Montgomery)

10. The meaning of life as we know it fell into question:

WHAT IS THIS LIFE?!!!!!!!! “@BuzzFeed: Eva Mendes Allegedly Pregnant With Ryan Gosling's Baby ”

— siskeynes (@Sisca Amelia Rudy)

11. Heartbreak spread worldwide:

Finding out Ryan Gosling is having a baby with Eva Mendez...

— MadisonSmith10 (@Maddie Smith)

12. Truths were spoken:

Ryan Gosling is having a baby.... with Eva Mendes. OMG! Their child is going to be the most beautiful spawn on the planet #notfair

— azimmania (@Anne Nicole)

13. Just utter devastation:

If Eva Mendes really is having baby with Ryan Gosling then I wish the world was flat so I could jump off the edge.

— caramblings (@Cara)

14. Basically…

RIP my heart. Thanks Eva Mendes.

— IamJessicaLima (@Jessica Lima)

15. But when you cry yourself to sleep tonight …

New Line Cinema

16. Just know this much:

New Line Cinema / Via

17. Don’t cry because he’s having a baby, smile because now he’ll be a DILF.

New Line Cinema / Via

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