The Year 2013 As Told By #Blessed Tweets

2013 was a #blessed year indeed. posted on

1. Kimye had a krazy year:

Rocafella/Def Jam/Vevo / Via

5. Amanda Bynes had a meltdown and called a bunch of people ugly on Twitter:

7. Paula Deen was racist:

11. America obsessed over the Royal Baby:

13. The final season of Breaking Bad premiered:

Sony Pictures Television / Via

15. Michael Douglas “discovered” a new cause of cancer:

17. Miley Cyrus twerked her way to the top:

19. There were Boy/Girl Band Reunions Galore:

21. Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines was everywhere:

Interscope / Via

23. The Harlem Shake came and then thankfully went:

25. The government shutdown:

27. Twitter went public:

Interscope / Via

29. Ryan Gosling #blessed us with his hotness for another year:

Warner Bros. / Via

31. Brian was killed off Family Guy:

20th Television / Via

33. Kanye West thought he was truly #blessed:

Comedy Central / Via

35. Beyoncé dropped her entire new album on iTunes:

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