24 Things ’00s Kids Are Still Trying To Work Out

If it wasn’t Shaggy, who was it?

1. Why a hot room required Nelly to take off all his clothes.

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2. What went wrong with Wills.

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3. Why on earth this flawless relationship ended.

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4. If it wasn’t Shaggy, who was it?

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5. Whether your best friend or your boyfriend was more important.

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6. Why walls killed snakes.

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7. What happened to Britney.

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8. And Mischa.

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9. And Lindsay.

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10. How they made scented gel pens smell so good.

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11. What possessed Paul to leave S Club and ruin everything.

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12. How people managed to use ink erasers without making their pages go furry.

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13. Why your hair never turned out like this when you crimped it.

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14. How Will Young beat Gareth Gates.

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15. Which Impulse scent truly represented you.

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16. How Landon managed to stay SO STRONG.

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17. Why you never got chain letters back.

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18. Why your aliens never had babies.

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19. How Cassie and Sid took so long to work it out they were meant to be together.

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20. How mood rings were always so damn accurate.

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21. How to draw an envelope without taking your pen off the paper and going over the same line twice.

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22. How to unsubscribe once you’d bought a ringtone from the back of a magazine.

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23. Why you weren’t allowed a Motorola RAZR.

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24. But most of all, why the world hasn’t realised the true musical genius of Paris Hilton.

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