27 Ways Sir David Attenborough Is Better Than Your Granddad

Isn’t he just the cutest?

1. Everyone loves Sir David Attenborough.

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2. He’s been the face of the BBC’s natural history programmes for 60 years.

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3. But he hasn’t always worked in television. His first job was for the Navy, which he signed up to because he wanted to travel.

Um, SO good-looking.

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4. Then he landed a radio producer job at the BBC.

He was offered a three-month training course off the back of it, but was warned that he’d never make it in front of the camera because his teeth were too big.

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5. Followed by a series of producing jobs.

His early projects included a quiz show called Animal, Vegetable, Mineral? and Song Hunter, a series about folk music.

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6. Which turned into a 60-year career.

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7. In the early days, he presented series about animal courtship in zoos. Sometimes he took his shirt off.

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8. And sometimes he held a very small kitten and his very small son at the same time as looking very sexy.

This is Sir David Attenborough showing his son, Robert, a coati-mundi from London Zoo.

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9. He has the coolest friends in the world.

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10. And we’ve watched him meet every single one of them.

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11. As Sir David slowly discovered more about the world, so did we.

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His first BBC2 commissions sent him to Tanzania, Bali and New Guinea.

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12. He’s probably most well-known for Life, a nine-part BBC series which comprehensively surveyed all life on the planet.

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13. After the millenium, he turned his focus to global warming and population growth.

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14. He always speaks his mind.

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15. And he’s never afraid to speak the truth.

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16. He’ll always say it as it is.

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17. Sometimes he takes a break from work in order to stand next to floral replicas of himself.

Getty / Stuart Wilson

This picture was taken at the Chelsea Flower Show.

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18. But mostly he fills his time saying awe-inspiring things about the world.

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19. Writing adorable letters to his fans.

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20. Beating jet lag.

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21. And winning BAFTAS.

Getty / Tim Whitby

Getty / Tim Whitby

Getty / Tim Whitby


He’s the only person in the world to have won them in black and white, colour, HD and 3D.

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22. Sometimes he hangs out with Bjork.

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23. Sometimes he narrates hilarious videos of shoe-mounting tortoises.


This was for The Graham Norton Show.

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24. And sometimes he gets teeny tiny spiders named after him.

This is the Prethopalpus attenboroughi, and it is found only on Horn Island off northern Queensland, Australia.

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25. You know what he never does? Adverts.

Getty / Dean Mouhtaropoulos
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26. Probably because he’s just too busy being really inspiring.

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27. And that’s why we love David Attenborough almost as much as he loves a good leaf.

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Tabatha Leggett is commissioning editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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