Which TV Pairing Do You Most Wish Was A Real Couple?

It’s a golden age of True Pairings: there’s the public coupling of Michael and Jackie (That 70’s Show), as well as Jon Snow and Ygritte (Game of Thrones), plus unsubstantiated rumors of a romance between Mulder and Scully (The X-Files), and most recently, flirty pictures of a reunion between Dylan and Kelly (90210). Who would you be the most excited to see k-i-s-s-i-n-g in real life?

1. Jerry and Elaine


ID: 557650

2. Kevin and Winnie

The Wonder Years

ID: 557664

3. Sam and Diane


ID: 557654

4. Angela and Jordan

My So-Called Life

ID: 557675

5. Liz and Jack

30 Rock

ID: 557652

6. Sherlock and Watson


ID: 557669

7. Joey and Dawson

Dawson’s Creek

ID: 557666

8. Logan and Veronica

Veronica Mars

ID: 557660

9. George Michael and Maeby

Arrested Development

ID: 557676

10. Turk and J.D.


ID: 557683

11. Coach and Tami

Friday Night Lights

ID: 557678

12. Stabler and Benson

Law & Order: SVU

ID: 557673

13. Amy and Rory

Doctor Who

ID: 557679

14. Buffy and Angel

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

ID: 557680

Great additions from the comments section:

ID: 557768

16. Xena and Gabrielle

Xena Warrior Princess

ID: 557770

17. Jim and Pam

The Office

ID: 557771

18. Rachel and Ross


ID: 557774

19. David and Maddie


ID: 557773

20. Roseanne and Dan


ID: 557775

Add your own favorite couples in the comments!

ID: 557682

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