“Now And Then,” Then And Now.

The 1995 film “Now and Then” was the slumber party staple for ’90s girls. The movie was about four adult women getting all sentimental about their teenage selves — now we’re sentimental about all of ‘em. Here’s what all the actresses from the movie have been up to lately.

1. Now and Then movie trailer, 1995:

ID: 262515

2. Then: Christina Ricci as Roberta Martin

ID: 262517

3. Now: Christina Ricci, February 2012

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images
ID: 262562

4. Then: Rosie O’Donnell as Roberta Martin

ID: 262523

5. Now: Rosie O’Donnell, April 2012

Ethan Miller / Getty Images
ID: 262525

6. Then: Ashleigh Aston Moore as Chrissy DeWitt

ID: 262531

7. Later: Ashleigh Aston Moore on MySpace, before her death in 2007

ID: 262550

8. Then: Rita Wilson as Chrissy DeWitt

ID: 262552

9. Now: Rita Wilson, April 2012

John Shearer / Getty Images
ID: 262553

10. Then: Thora Birch as Tina “Teeny” Tercell

ID: 262565

11. Now: Thora Birch, January 2012

ID: 262566

12. Then: Melanie Griffith as Tina “Teeny” Tercell

ID: 262569

13. Now: Melanie Griffith, 2012

ID: 262571

14. Then: Gaby Hoffman as Samantha Albertson

ID: 262572

15. Now-ish: Gaby Hoffman, 2010

ID: 262574

16. Then: Demi Moore as Samantha Albertson

ID: 262575

17. Now: Demi Moore (with her daughter Rumer*), January 2012

  • Rumer had a small part in Now & Then as Samantha’s little sister.
ID: 262581

18. Bonus! Then: DEVON “Casper” SAWA!

ID: 262584

19. Now: Devon Sawa

ID: 262586

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