Take Your Drag Mother To Werk Day

Three editors were transformed into drag queens for a day when RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants Alaska, Detox, and Ivy stopped by the office.

It started off as a normal day for Dorsey, Gavon, and Ryan…

From left: Dorsey, Gavon, and Ryan.

…until the guys’ drag mothers arrived and immediately got to work.

From left: Detox, Dorsey, Ivy, and Gavon.

Alaska applying makeup to Ryan.

Gavon and Ivy.

But there were some distractions…

…when a corgi pup found his way into the office.

Then it was back to work.

Final touches were made before the big reveal.

Detox transformed Dorsey into…Shawri-La!

Ivy turned Gavon into…Yolo Ono!

Alaska made Ryan into…Bettie Poop!

After they were made over, it was time to werk the runway.

Shawri-La gave us Melanie Griffith working-girl realness.

Yolo Ono buttered up the crowd.

And Bettie Poop set her phaser to stunning.

Of course, their mothers were proud.

Shawri-La and Detox.

Yolo Ono and Ivy Winters.

Alaska and Bettie Poop.

But it was back to work for the guys.

And even though the makeup eventually came off, Dorsey, Gavon, and Ryan were queens for a day.

Special thanks to Alaska, Detox ,and Ivy, contestants on the fifth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. All photographs by Macey J Foronda and all video by Andrew Gauthier.

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