Take Your Drag Mother To Werk Day

Three editors were transformed into drag queens for a day when RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants Alaska, Detox, and Ivy stopped by the office.

It started off as a normal day for Dorsey, Gavon, and Ryan…

From left: Dorsey, Gavon, and Ryan.

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…until the guys’ drag mothers arrived and immediately got to work.

From left: Detox, Dorsey, Ivy, and Gavon.

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Alaska applying makeup to Ryan.

ID: 840008

Gavon and Ivy.

ID: 840009

But there were some distractions…

ID: 840001

…when a corgi pup found his way into the office.

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Then it was back to work.

ID: 840013

Final touches were made before the big reveal.

ID: 840027

Detox transformed Dorsey into…Shawri-La!

ID: 838048

Ivy turned Gavon into…Yolo Ono!

ID: 838044

Alaska made Ryan into…Bettie Poop!

ID: 838051

After they were made over, it was time to werk the runway.

ID: 838057

Shawri-La gave us Melanie Griffith working-girl realness.

ID: 838022

Yolo Ono buttered up the crowd.

ID: 837996

And Bettie Poop set her phaser to stunning.

ID: 838036

Of course, their mothers were proud.

Shawri-La and Detox.

ID: 838050

Yolo Ono and Ivy Winters.

ID: 838047

Alaska and Bettie Poop.

ID: 838054

But it was back to work for the guys.

ID: 839996

And even though the makeup eventually came off, Dorsey, Gavon, and Ryan were queens for a day.

Special thanks to Alaska, Detox ,and Ivy, contestants on the fifth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. All photographs by Macey J Foronda and all video by Andrew Gauthier.

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