25 Times Frank Ocean Stole The Grammys

It was his night. (Also, watch his performance of “Forrest Gump.”)

1. When he gave the camera Blue Steel.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images
ID: 876896

2. When he blinked on the red carpet.

FREDERIC J. BROWN / Getty Images
ID: 876866

3. When he licked his lips.

ID: 876983

4. When he pretended to be grumpy with Tyler, The Creator.

ID: 876918

5. When they continued to act silly in the audience.

ID: 876941

6. When he mugged for the camera.

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images
ID: 877007

7. He wasn’t phased by Chris Brown’s insult.

(Besides, Adele threw him all the shade.)

ID: 876912

8. And Kathy Griffin was “on it.”

ID: 876964

9. When he accepted his first award and didn’t want to picture us naked.

ID: 876868

10. When he thanked his mother before anyone else.

ID: 876875

11. When his mom teared up in the crowd.

ID: 876856

12. And Tyler, The Creator had a little fun.

ID: 876857

13. And looked sublimely happy standing next to Nas.

Kevin Mazu / Getty Images
ID: 876890

14. When he was caught admiring his Grammy award.

Mark Davis / Getty Images
ID: 876891

15. When he was humbled to speak before Jay-Z during his next acceptance speech.

ID: 876881

16. And immediately thanked his brother.

ID: 876886

17. When Jay-Z watched like a proud father.

MIKE BLAKE / Reuters
ID: 876907

18. When Pharrell Williams (and everyone) was excited to see him.

ID: 876927

19. And he was excited to see Adele.

ID: 876920

20. Oh hey John Legend!

ID: 876933

21. When he jammed out during the Bob Marley tribute.

ID: 876957

22. When he performed “Forrest Gump.”

ID: 877035

23. And channeled the Tenenbaums.

ID: 877039

24. When he whistled.

ID: 877074

25. And knocked it out with a beautiful set.

ID: 877041

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