31 Wonderfully Bizarre Moments From The Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

A gay kiss! Dancing teacakes! A baton that didn’t work properly!

THE ENTIRE WORLD descended on to Celtic Park in Glasgow on Thursday night to be awed by the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony.

Richard Heathcote / Getty Images

(And collectively crossed their fingers that nothing would go too wrong.)

1. It started with John Barrowman blasting his way into the stadium through a giant green kilt.

Richard Heathcote / Getty

2. It was a bit… crazy.

BBC / vine.co

That’s right, he had a Scottish accent.

3. This happened not long after.

4. It was a bit of a random opening, to be honest.

5. Especially the bit where this guy ran around with no kilt on.

BBC / bbc.co.uk

6. But it was wonderfully Scottish.

7. Suddenly, out of nowhere, THIS happened!

9. This was followed by the weirdest selfie of all time.

10. That’s right, it’s the Loch Ness monster.

11. Followed by children and cardboard sheep.

12. And chair dancing.

Phil Noble / Reuters

13. And barrel throwing. BARREL THROWING.

14. The Queen literally drove into the stadium.

Hannah Peters / Getty Images

Parachuting into the stadium is so 2012.

16. But it did look absolutely beautiful outside.

Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire/Press Association Images

17. Then it was time for the athletes to come out, but OMFG there were DOGS leading out each country.


18. And they kind of stole the show.

Mark Sutherland / SWNS

19. In fact, “kinda” is an understatement.

Phil Noble / Reuters

22. And others made the dreadful mistake of actually talking on the phone.

BBC / vine.co

24. And then Scotland proudly marched through.

Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters

27. Sir Chris Hoy ran with the baton to meet the Queen. It was the climax of the whole night.

Chris Jackson / Getty

All that needed to happen was that the top baton to be pulled off. Why? Well, there was a scroll for the Queen to read inside.

28. Problem? The top of the baton wouldn’t come off.

This went on for 20 seconds.

29. The Queen was not impressed at this moment.


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