The 24 Best Parts Of Studying Abroad In Europe

The food, the sites, the culture — be prepared for the best semester EVER. Oh, and the booze is pretty good, too.

1. Travelling with your friends is the best


Pizza, gelato, crepes, ALL OF IT.

3. Multi-story nightclubs


4. Seeing all of the famous art

Because CULTURE.

5. Flying budget airlines

12 euro flight to Dublin? BOOK IT.

6. Wine tasting classes


7. Seeing all of the historical sites you have learned about in history classes

And taking tacky tourist photos with them, of course.

8. Taking a trip to the beach …

Let’s go to the beach, beach, let’s get away!

9. … Or the mountains …

High on the hill with a lonely goatherd …

10. … Or another cool city!

11. Soccer … Football … Futbol … whatever you want to call it

All American sporting matches pale in comparison.

12. Wine is cheaper than water

Cheers to that!

13. Nutella

Who needs peanut butter when you can have CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT CRACK?

14. Christmas markets

The weather outside may be frightful, but the markets are so delightful!

15. Oktoberfest

Nothing says “fun” like drinking with thousands of your closest friends.

16. Siesta

Nap in the afternoon? Don’t mind if I do!

17. Getting in to sites for free because you are a student

Now THAT is a great deal.

18. The drinking age is NOT 21

Hello, alcohol!

19. The “classes”

Wine tasting may the most difficult one all semester. Nice try, academia.

20. The Eiffel Tower at night


21. Absinthe

Makes for an amazing night. The morning after? Not so much.

22. Bike tours

But preferably not after a wine tasting class.

23. Platform 9 3/4

Mischief managed.

24. Channeling your inner Lizzie McGuire and having the BEST TIME EVER

And you NEVER want to leave.

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