24 Snapchats That Are Way More Clever Than You

Bend and Snapchat!

1. This good, clean fun Snapchat.

ID: 3559742

2. This super “fancy” Snapchat.

ID: 3559834

3. This Snapchat, with a well-seasoned pun.

ID: 3559737

4. And this Snapchat, which spices up herb puns even more.

ID: 3559817

5. This sassy art history Snapchat.

ID: 3559745

6. This Snapchat, which will only make sense if you paid attention in science class.

ID: 3559750

7. This Snapchat, which proves leaving the oven on has been a problem for generations.

ID: 3559757

8. This Snapchat of the coolest teacher EVER.

ID: 3559759

9. This Snapchat from someone who has read The Fault In Our Stars one too many times.

ID: 3559762

10. And this Snapchat, which proves magic is everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

ID: 3559771

11. This art history Snapchat, which knows the struggle is too real.

ID: 3559747

12. This fashion-forward Snapchat.

ID: 3559792

13. This Snapchat from a future NASA employee.

ID: 3559796

14. This Snapchat, which proves being single is truly a science.

ID: 3559751

15. This Snapchat from a proud iPhone user.

ID: 3559816

16. This Snapchat, which may take things a little too literally.

ID: 3559845

17. This Snapchat, for all of you geography buffs out there.

ID: 3559766

18. And this Snapchat that all history buffs will be cackling over.

ID: 3559821

19. This Snapchat, which is the laziest in history.

ID: 3559827

20. And this Snapchat, taken by someone who had been on one too many bad dates.

ID: 3559863

21. This art history Snapchat, proving that connecting to the wifi is a timeless struggle.

ID: 3559853

22. This Snapchat, which just schooled all the other Snapchats.

ID: 3559857

23. This Snapchat, captured by the most self-confident of photographers.

ID: 3559777

24. And this Snapchat that all single people will relate to.

ID: 3559819

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