This Guy’s Instagram Is Just Him Photoshopped Next To Celebrities

Instagram user @Peejet is the biggest thing in hip-hop right now.

1. He has a TON of famous friends.

ID: 1219721

2. He walked Beyoncé out during the inauguration.

ID: 1219723

3. He’s been in music videos with Drake.

ID: 1219727

4. He took Rihanna to the Grammys.

ID: 1219728

5. Brought McDonalds to Rick Ross, poolside.

ID: 1219730

6. Did a photoshoot for Drake.

ID: 1219729

7. And when he’s not doing all that, he’s at home lounging with Beyoncé.

ID: 1219731

8. He hugged Miguel in concert.

ID: 1219732

9. And somehow got Kanye and Ray J in the same room together.

ID: 1219774

10. He’s basically the hip hop world’s biggest behind-the-scenes player.

ID: 1219777

11. He’s boys with Trinidad James.

ID: 1219779

12. Here he is getting up in the morning, NBD.

ID: 1219780

13. And here he is lounging with Alicia Keys.

ID: 1219784

14. All of these photos are very, definitely real.

ID: 1219776

15. Dang.

ID: 1219813

(h/t Reddit)

ID: 1219893

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