22 Brilliant Everyday Ways To Recapture Your Childhood

Thanks to the geniuses on this AskReddit thread.

1. Moo at cows when you pass them in a car.

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2. Use the Force to open automatic doors.

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3. Ride your shopping trolley around the supermarket.

But, you know, be careful.

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4. Enter all rooms in the style of a SWAT team leader.

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Alright, go go go!

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5. Spice up your commute by not stepping on the cracks in the pavement.

Do you WANT the bears to get you?

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6. Slide down the stairs on your bum, no matter what anyone tells you.

Bonus points if you do this on the stairs in a communal area.

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7. Run up the stairs on your hands and feet, making gorilla noises.

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8. Only eat chicken nuggets that are shaped like dinosaurs.

Make them fight, and eat the loser first.

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9. If you’re going to play video games, do it in a pillow fort.

You are the king of this castle, after all. Even if you’re a woman.

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10. Sing “doo-DOO-doo-doo-doo” whenever you hear the word “phenomenon”.

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11. Get about your house by galloping like a horse.

Don’t forget to neigh when you reach your destination.

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12. At every opportunity, slide across the floor in your socks.

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13. Go “neeeeaaaaaooooooowwwwww” whenever you overtake someone.

What? It’s not like they can hear you.

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14. Eat breakfast for dinner. Just because you can.

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15. Eat cake batter off the spoon. Just because you can.

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16. Sing along to Disney movies at the top of your voice.

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17. Pretend your LED lights are lasers, and make pew-pew noises whenever you use them.

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18. Meow randomly throughout the day.

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19. Buy a colouring book and some really good colouring pencils, and go nuts.

Seriously. It’s more relaxing than yoga.

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21. Use kids’ shampoo. It smells of MELON and CHERRIES. Not provitamin B5 and broken dreams.

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22. And finally, fart on your loved ones.

Comedy Central / south-park-gifs.tumblr.com / Via reddit.com

They’ll love it! Okay, not “love”-love. But it’ll be fun.

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