24 Things British People Hate

With so many things to hate, it’s a wonder we get anything done.

2. The fact that Freddos no longer cost 10p.

3. Dog poo boxes that look like post boxes.

4. Anyone who stands on the left.

5. People who don’t appreciate the irony of this.

6. When the worst happens.

7. Whoever came up with this sign.


8. Anyone who doesn’t find this name funny.

9. Rail replacement buses.

10. People who shit down our chimneys.

11. Subbing errors.

12. Tesco selling products like this.

13. Oversized shrubs.

14. Nigel Farage.

Nigel Farage is a dick

— nbhdlove (@HAjRA)

Nigel Farage really is such a massive twat!

— jameslewis195 (@James.)

An anagram of Nigel Farage is I AM A MASSIVE BELLEND. Probably, I've done no research.

— mushybees (@mushybees)

17. Train delays.

18. The misuse of apostrophes.

19. And the misuse of the word literally.

20. Unexpected facial hair.

21. The Northern Line.

22. When we can’t moan about the weather.

23. Chris Brown.

OK, maybe that one’s not exclusive to Brits. And yes, that’s Ricky from Eastenders.

24. And finally, politicians on Twitter.


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