The 23 Most Wonderfully Scottish Things That Have Ever Happened

O Flower of Scotland, when will we see your likes again.

1. This note found on the streets of Edinburgh.

ID: 1854568

2. This sensible approach to wine.

ID: 1854573

3. This Glasgow art critic.

ID: 1854577

4. These pearls of Scottish wisdom.

ID: 1854579

5. This good news story.

ID: 1854612

6. The Highlands’ biggest problem.

ID: 1854580

7. This incredible shop-name war.

ID: 1854562

8. This sign found in the toilet of a Scottish pub.

ID: 1854583

9. This person using science to find out if Donald Trump wears a wig.

ID: 1854587

10. This advent calendar.

ID: 1854593

11. Edinburgh’s best bench.

ID: 1854570

12. This excellent patriotic pun.

ID: 1854596

13. Phonetic road signs.

ID: 1854603

14. This supermarket layout.

ID: 1854611

15. Climbing one and a half hours up Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh to find this at the top.

ID: 1854604

16. This appeal.

ID: 1854760

17. This worrying request from an Aberdeen pub.

ID: 1854682

18. This curtailer of unacceptable behaviour.

ID: 1854719

19. This questionable food stuff.

ID: 1854752

20. This friendly bus.

ID: 1854942

21. And this drunk one.

ID: 1854955

22. This birthday cake.

ID: 1856343

23. And finally, this guy.

ID: 1854613

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Robin Edds is special projects editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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