The 19 Greatest Examples Of "Breaking Bad" Fan Art From 2013

Yeah, fan art!

As you might have noticed, 2013 saw Breaking Bad come to a much-anticipated end.

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And while everyone had their own way of paying homage to the show.

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There’s some pretty special fan art out there. Here’s some of the best 2013 had to offer.

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1. The gingerbread man who knocks.

Bonus points for the DEA snowman.

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2. This Lego offering, that isn’t real but totally should be.

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3. Some were twists on classic paintings.

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4. Whilst others were far more original.

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5. Some were cross-stitched.

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6. Others were sprayed.

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7. And there was even this one that was Etch-a-Sketched.

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8. This effort would have taken rather a lot of time.

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Totally worth it though.

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9. Rather than drawing, some people just decided to use their favourite characters to start new memes.

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10. These guys decided to go all out with their engagement photos.

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11. And then there was this smiling man who cheered on marathon runners in the best way possible.

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12. This guy documented EVERY outfit Walt wears across the five seasons.

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13. We would give all the meth in New Mexico to play this game.

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14. Thanks to this great Tumblr blog, we found out what the residents of ABQ would look like in Springfield.

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15. But when it comes to Tumblr blogs, there is a clear winner. Drake-ing Bad does exactly what is says on the tin.

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16. Then there was “If Breaking Bad had happened in Britain”.

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17. And while some fan art, like this 8-bit interpretation, made us very happy.

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18. Some made us cry a bit.

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19. But surely nothing has topped Walt Jr.’s Instagram account.

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Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed
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Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed
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And finally, just because it makes us very happy, here’s Sir Anthony Hopkins telling Bryan Cranston how much he loves the show.

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Robin Edds is special projects editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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