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Mick Jagger Has Got An Incredible Jinx Over The World Cup And Brazil Fans Hate It

Can’t get no satisfaction.

1. Brazil fans have blamed Mick Jagger for their humiliating 7-1 defeat to Germany in the World Cup after branding the Rolling Stones singer a national curse.

Chris Brunskill Ltd / Getty

Jagger has been nicknamed “pe frio” – literally “cold foot”, a term of bad luck – because every side he’s backed in the tournament has gone on to suffer a defeat.

2. He was spotted in a VIP box at the Mineirao stadium in Belo Horizonte during yesterday’s semi-final, much to the dismay of Brazil fans everywhere.

Chris Brunskill Ltd / Getty

3. Spectators had tried to persuade Jagger to back Germany, knowing his support could result in their elimination from the World Cup.

Buda Mendes / Getty
AP Photo/Frank Augstein

6. However, it was obvious who he was supporting after he was pictured surrounded by friends and family in Brazil shirts – although he did try to soften the blow by wearing an England cap.

Chris Brunskill Ltd / Getty

7. Jagger has an unfortunate history of backing the wrong team in the World Cup.

Celso Sarmento / Getty

8. In Lisbon he told fans at a Rolling Stones concert that Portugal would win the entire tournament…

Neville Hopwood / Getty

9. They didn’t make it out of the group stages.

Warren Little/Gett

10. And in Rome he told fans that Italy would beat Uruguay in their crucial group match and progress… They lost and were eliminated.

Clive Rose / Getty

11. As a result of the “curse”, fans have been begging Jagger to support their rivals throughout the World Cup.

Mike Egerton/PA
Jorge Silva / Reuters
AP/Manu Fernandez

17. After the 7-1 defeat, Brazilian news network R7 branded Jagger the “biggest jinx in history”, prompting his former partner Luciana Giminez to defend him.

Giminez, who has a teenage son with the Rolling Stones singer, uploaded a message on Instagram after the game describing him as a good friend and father, and asked people to stop abusing him.

18. In 2010, Brazil fans blamed Jagger for their defeat to Holland in the quarter-finals after he was spotted wearing a Brazil shirt.

Simone Joyner / Getty

19. But don’t worry Brazil, Jagger’s curse extends to his home country as well. He tweeted this before England lost 2-1 to Italy.

England's first game tonight, wishing them the best of luck - go England !! #ENG #WorldCup

— MickJagger (@Mick Jagger)

20. And this before their defeat to Uruguay, which effectively knocked Roy Hodgson’s side out of the competition.

Let's go England! This is the one to win!! #WorldCup #ENG

— MickJagger (@Mick Jagger)

21. Damn it, Mick!

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