Jennifer Lawrence And Alison Brie Played High School Students In A Failed MTV Pilot

It was called Not Another High School Show.

1. A clip from the 2007 pilot for a MTV show that was never picked up called Not Another High School Show was unearthed by Uproxx recently, and features two familiar faces — Jennifer Lawrence and Alison Brie.

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3. In the show, based on the 2001 comedy Not Another Teen Movie, Brie plays the campy, push-up bra-wearing character Muffy the Vampire Slayer.

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5. Future Oscar-winner Lawrence has a much smaller role in the clip; she plays a student named Amy who discovers the janitor/vampire that Brie has just gone to town on in the middle of the hallway.

JLaw had actually appeared on MTV before — as a teen she starred in My Super Sweet 16 promos.

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7. “What’s your name, sweet tits?” the janitor, played by H. Jon Benjamin, asks Lawrence. Can you believe this didn’t make it to air?

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9. Luckily for Brie, who appears to be the star, the show didn’t get picked up, and some other TV prospects (Community, Mad Men) came along for her.

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11. …Though maybe not luckily for us.

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