42 Impossibly Fun Wedding Photo Ideas You’ll Want To Steal

You’ll look back ever so fondly.

1. The sun shining through a heart.

ID: 2433216

2. An aerial view of the wedding dress in all its glory.

The most romantic picnic blanket ever.

ID: 2433252

3. Incorporating three generations of women.

ID: 2433255

4. A perfectly symmetric family photo.

ID: 2433294

5. Something a little silly, if you don’t mind the groom having his head up your skirt.

ID: 2433306

6. A shot where you’re surrounded by the people you love.

Inspire Photography

Draw the heart on the ground with chalk so your guests know where to stand.

ID: 2433311

7. The bridesmaids before they get ready.

ID: 2437127
Photograph by Ashley Shutter / Via
ID: 2438065

11. A shot of the couple before the wedding, reading each other’s letters.

You won’t NOT be able to look back on this without crying.

ID: 2433310

12. A “from below” shot of the bridesmaids’ toast.

ID: 2437194

13. The “tiny bride” perspective pic.

ID: 2437280

14. Another requisite perspective pic.

ID: 2437286

15. An adorable shot of the bride with the flower girl.

ID: 2437290

16. Or flower girls.

Because they’re small and they pretty much fit anywhere.

ID: 2438352

17. A “first look” not just with the groom, but with dad.

ID: 2437363

18. A “first look” with the bridesmaids.

ID: 2437591

19. A photo of your guests giving you ~a little privacy~ for your hot makeout sesh.

ID: 2438206

21. Some very goofy photos of the groomsmen.

ID: 2438055
Otto Schulze Photographers

Boys will be boys.

ID: 2442335

25. The first dance…in aerial view.

ID: 2438182

26. A photo with photos of your parents’ wedding days.

Amanda Marean /
ID: 2438189

27. A cute photo op with your bridesmaids that lets you reminisce how far in your friendship you’ve come.

ID: 2438196

28. A shot with them at the bar…literally.

ID: 2442345

29. And because you know they’ll be Instagramming the shit out of your dress…

ID: 2442390

30. Silly poses with each of your bridesmaids.

So you can send each girl a thank-you note with your picture together.

ID: 2438294

31. A romantic photo of the wedding party with the sweet ride you rented for the day.

ID: 2437450

32. A photo with everyone giving their best bouquet-face.

ID: 2440852

33. A photo you can include in your thank-you notes.

You can buy the prop signs here.

ID: 2438335

34. A candid laughing photo.

ID: 2443087

35. One that incorporates your HUGE ROCK as well as your best furry friend.

Gambol Photography
ID: 2438457

36. A GIF.

Can you believe we’ve come this far in the modern age?? See a bunch more wedding photography GIFs here.

ID: 2438889

37. A pinky promise photo showing off your rings.

Jordan Jankun Photography / Via
ID: 2440449

38. A jumping photo that is adorable, not corny.

ID: 2635072

39. A photo with the kids that is perfectly worthy of framing.

ID: 2440760

40. A creative double-exposure.

You can ask your photographer to do this for you in Photoshop.

ID: 2442351

41. An artful reflection.

ID: 2442355

42. L-O-V-E.

Is all you need.

ID: 2441812

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