Finally, A Fashion Show For The Freaks

Burgeoning label Chromat — which made the costumes for Beyoncé’s Super Bowl backup dancers — debuted at fashion week with a wonderful celebration of weird. Like every subculture of Tumblr come to life.

If fashion week were a high school cafeteria, the Chromat show would be the table where the goths and punks sat. Walking past, you might have been fooled into thinking that the line to get in was for some uber-secret rave. Intimidating girls with green hair, black lipstick, and septum piercings lined the hallway. You definitely got the feeling that this was the ONE show they were dying to see, and they were probably not going to be camping out at Lincoln Center — which is like a suburban mall, comparatively — for the rest of the week.

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This was Chromat designer Becca McCharen’s first Fashion Week show, funded by a sudden order she received to dress 32 backup dancers for Beyoncé’s performance at the Superbowl. As she walked through the crowd and greeted friends, she seemed effusively happy and proud.

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Thank you, Beyoncé for supporting young designers.

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McCharen studied architecture, not fashion design, and her pieces incorporate math and geometry to create scaffolding-like structures for the body.

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These models could have been on the set of a Grimes video.

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There were quite a few heavily tattooed models.

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Maybe (hopefully?) this is what strippers will wear in 2040.

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This was the most normal outfit of the collection. The bodice is made from holographic smiley faces sourced from Hong Kong.

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Probably the most coveted pieces are the bathing suits. She has more incredible bathing suits for sale on her website.

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Favorite accessory: holographic eyebrows.

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A few of the clunky clubbing shoes are actually by Jeffrey Campbell and you can buy most of them on Solestruck.com. The 7” caged platforms are Chromat originals.

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And if you want to own a little piece of Chromat, go for this seductive cat mask, which you can buy for $88 from her website.

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