47 Brilliant Tips To Getting An Amazing Senior Portrait

Do everything in your power so you don’t end up on the Awkward Senior Portraits tumblr.

1. With a little Photoshop magic, you can make yourself appear that you’re floating away.

Off to college you go! Or wherever life may take you.

ID: 2708198

2. Or just celebrate with both feet on the ground.

ID: 2715046

3. Plant a chair in the middle of nowhere.

ID: 2729914

4. Put the focus on your shoes.

ID: 2708355

5. Light up a sparkler.

ID: 2715045

6. Or even write your name with one.

If there’s anything you learned in school, it’s impeccable penmanship.

ID: 2708431

7. Get an explosion of color with some glitter or confetti.

ID: 2715881

8. Let the sun shine down brightly on you.

ID: 2708483

9. Venture out to the middle of a lake.

ID: 2715033

10. Glide brazenly through the woods.

ID: 2716179

11. Find an amazing abandoned locale.

This one was set in an abandoned Air Force base in Illinois.

ID: 2715173

12. Sit on the edge of something scary.

ID: 2715191

13. Get carefree on a swing.


This is actually from a Lana Del Rey music video, but ask your photographer to apply an Instagram-like Photoshop filter to get those saturated colors.

ID: 2715260

14. Incorporate your best friend.

ID: 2715261

15. Take to the city streets.

ID: 2715263

16. Ponder your reflection.

ID: 2715283

17. Make a slightly silly face.

ID: 2715296

18. Get your game face on.

ID: 2715385

19. Get snapped with your favorite book.

ID: 2728642

20. Or just every book you’ve ever read.

ID: 2728652

21. Show off your well-rounded interests.

And your black nail polish.

ID: 2718033

22. Incorporate your first day of school photo.

ID: 2715884
Amber S. Wallace Photography
ID: 2735636

23. Hang out upside down.

ID: 2715410

24. Write something meaningful on your fingers.

“2014” fits perfectly.

ID: 2728855

25. Simple but stunning: look back over one shoulder.

This can sometimes be more flattering than a full-on shot if you wanna smile real big.

ID: 2715931

26. An in-action time-lapse is a creative way to show off your athletic prowess.


ID: 2715966

27. Artfully splay your hair in all its glory.

Bonus points if you can spell out “2014” with your long locks.

ID: 2715968

28. Artfully incorporate your gum.

ID: 2716052

29. (Also cute and perfect in unchewed form).

ID: 2716086

30. Lie down in the brightest pillow of green grass you can find.

ID: 2716182

31. Be the light at the end of the tunnel.

ID: 2716211

32. Or at the end of the rainbow slide.

ID: 2716178

33. Get cozy in your coziest outfit. / Ben Sasso
ID: 2728720

34. Get cozy with an adorable miniature animal.

ID: 2717169

35. Go for a sweet vintage vibe.

ID: 2716045

36. Put on a stunning fairytale gown.

ID: 2715392

37. Lie out on the football field if that’s where you really thrive.

ID: 2729024

38. Or on the golf greenery if that’s where you actually belong.

ID: 2729068

39. Commemorate your graduation year in the sand.

ID: 2715850

40. Put your graduation cap to good use (i.e. not on your head).

ID: 2718747

41. Get meta.

Especially if you’re the artsy type.

ID: 2716176

42. Leap up like the awesome ballerina that you are.

ID: 2728682

43. Get photobombed by your friends.

ID: 2729010

44. Show off that upper arm strength.

ID: 2729083

45. Be a dreamer.

ID: 2716037

46. Be proud of all that you’ve accomplished.

And remember to use foamcore board so the sign doesn’t wobble around with the slightest breeze.

ID: 2715078

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