51 Reasons Why Supermodels Were Better In The ’90s

Back then, models weren’t just pretty clothes hangers — they warranted cult-status obsession. Would you hang up photos of Jessica Stam all over your bedroom walls now? Yeah, I didn’t think so. NSFW

1. Their choreographed dance moves.

ID: 316668

2. Their ability to pull off “grunge” in $10k outfits.

ID: 316845

3. Their ability to pull off “punk.”

ID: 316865

4. Their ability to pull off looking like a dude.

ID: 318261

5. Their ability to pull off almost anything.

ID: 320037

6. Naomi Campbell shopping with Ali G.

ID: 317692

7. RuPaul hanging out with Nirvana.

ID: 318677

8. Cindy Crawford hanging out with Nelson.

ID: 316851

9. Naomi Campbell hanging out with every relevant celeb of the ’90s.

I think it’s safe to say she was the life of the party.

ID: 318143

10. Their beautiful friendships with one another.

ID: 316856

11. Their derpiness.

ID: 316859

12. Their fierce walks.

ID: 316860

13. This head tattoo.

Supermodel Eve Salvail.

ID: 316864

14. This hot Pepsi commercial.

ID: 316874

15. Their happy, healthy smiles.

ID: 316666

16. Cindy Crawford making this man incredibly happy.

ID: 316871

17. Their large breasts.

ID: 316873

18. Their small breasts.

’90s supermodels came in all shapes and sizes.

ID: 316882

19. Cindy Crawford posing with Patrick Stewart on the cover of “TV Guide.”

A significant ’90s “worlds collide” moment.

ID: 316876

20. Tyra Banks’ kitten shirt.

ID: 316884

21. Tyra Banks’ airbrushed “Tyra” shirt.

ID: 316885

22. Tyra Banks’ cute rastafarian hat and cute mom.

ID: 316886

23. Anna Nicole Smith’s Guess? Ads

Before she went all cuckoo :(

ID: 317540

24. Their interminably high foreheads.

ID: 316887

25. Cindy Crawford about to make love to a horse.

ID: 316881

26. Christy Turlington’s telepathic powers.

ID: 317467

27. Linda Evangelista’s athletic skills.

ID: 317475

28. Kate Moss’ song with Primal Scream.

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/2493255.
ID: 317633

29. The Fashion Café.

No one actually ate there, but it really showed their entrepreneurial side.

ID: 317680

30. Their line of commemorative dolls.

ID: 317784

31. This George Michael video.

ID: 317609

32. The fact that they weren’t teenagers.

Photo taken from January 1990 issue of Vogue.

ID: 317532

33. All the Versace ads.

ID: 318112

34. Naomi Campbell’s love of dogs.

ID: 317571

35. Naomi Campbell’s giant cellphone.

ID: 317697

36. Naomi Campbell running faster than a cheetah.

ID: 318696

37. Naomi Campbell’s dancing in this Michael Jackson video.

You can watch “In The Closet” here.

ID: 317774

38. Naomi Campbell’s resilience.

ID: 317804

39. Naomi Campbell’s inability to give a fuck.

ID: 316869

40. Their participation in hot-button issues.

ID: 318243

41. Milla Jovovich’s minor hit song on alternative radio.

Song’s not that bad. I witnessed a sad mosh pit of 3 people slam-dancing to this song at a music festival in 1994.

ID: 318472

42. Their matching outfits.

ID: 317809

43. Cindy Crawford as a TV host.

She was totally likable and funny on MTV’s House of Style.

ID: 318763

44. Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell eating ramen together.

This happened IRL.

ID: 318019

45. The original Victoria’s Secret Angels.

A franchise was invented, people!

ID: 318625

46. Kate Moss’ pink hair.

She did it first.

ID: 317572

47. Their bedazzled bras.

ID: 319963

48. Their adventurous eating habits.

Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell eating crawfish together.

ID: 317816

49. Their party lifestyle.

ID: 318734

50. Shalom Harlow’s guitar playing.

She’s holding it upside down.

ID: 318463

51. Linda Evangelista’s ever-changing hairstyles.

ID: 318455

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