26 Kinds Of Instagram Photos The World Can Live Without

If Instagram is a reflection of life, then life is meaningless. Here is a list of all the mundane things that people feel the need to take a hazy photo of and transmit out into the world.

3. Some Snacks You Ate Once When You Were Hungry

ID: 361931

4. Tilted View Of The Park

Truly avant-garde.

ID: 361937

5. An Empty Plate

In terms of finding existential symbols that represent your life, you can probably do better than this.

ID: 362013

7. The Sky

Those are some exciting clouds.

ID: 361940

8. A Quote Devoid Of Any Real Significance

ID: 361963

9. An Ugly Hamburger

Instagram is like a one-stop shop of food mourn, aka the opposite of food porn.

ID: 365017

11. A Blurry Photo Of Your Braid

ID: 362048

12. Sushi

Sushi is just not very photogenic.

ID: 362052

14. Cupcakes

No one cares.

ID: 364726

15. Sunglasses As Art Subject

ID: 365133

16. Concert Pic From The Nosebleed Section

ID: 365060

17. Your Dreamcatcher Tattoo

ID: 365038

18. Yesterday’s Leftovers


ID: 365108

20. Your Latte

This one looks diseased.

ID: 364863

22. Smiling At An iPhone

ID: 365903

23. A Frappuccino

People tend to feel very nostalgic towards the coffee beverages they consume.

ID: 365162

24. That Crazy Seashell You Found Once

ID: 365099

25. Your Chapstick Collection

There are 15,622+ photos of chapstick on Instagram.

ID: 365143

26. An Aerial View Of Your Face

ID: 364870

And Then There Are Legitimate Reasons To Use Instagram…

A baby dinosaur has hatched in the corner of your living room.

ID: 364922

The dessert you made consists of at least 14 scoops of ice cream.

ID: 364923

Your child with a Grimes haircut eats like this.

ID: 365046

Your guinea pig is finally getting laid.

ID: 365934

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