17 Endearing Things That Mom Used To Do

Really makes you wonder why you ever left home.

1. She made you a Halloween costume every year.

ID: 286450

2. She put notes in your lunchbox.

ID: 286452

3. She gave you a Valentine when no one else did.

ID: 287601

4. She cleaned up after your disgusting messes.

ID: 287607

5. She took care of your pets.

ID: 287609

6. She cut your sandwiches into triangles.

ID: 287644

7. She trimmed your bangs.

ID: 287649

8. She actually kept food in the house.

Your non-existent pantry will never look like this again.

ID: 287848

9. She gave you one of these.

ID: 287651

10. She sent you care packages during the time you felt loneliest.

ID: 287782

11. She got you a cell phone because she was worried about you.

ID: 287930

12. She came to see your band’s first show.

You know that gig sucked.

ID: 288691

13. She pushed you on the swings.

ID: 287941

14. She took you shopping.

ID: 288563

15. She’d say cute stuff like “My dogs are barkin’!” after walking two blocks.

ID: 288638

16. She came to your dance recital.

(And made a scrapbook of it.)

ID: 288164

17. She drove you and your dumb friends everywhere.

ID: 288538


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