16 Forgotten Jewelry Trends That Could Make A Comeback At Any Moment

Stranger things have happened. You never know what trend from the ’80s or ’90s could rear its ugly head again.

Could They Ever Be Cool Again?

Perhaps among goths with really lovely feet.

Could This Ever Be Cool Again?

Judging by how Katy Perry seems to be pulling this look off, I’ll say no.

3. Foot Harness(??)

Will This Ever Be Cool Again?

At Burning Man, yes.

4. Gold Chainmail

Will It Ever Be Cool Again?

I predict chainmail’s imminent comeback. People love metallic anything.

Could These Be Cool Again?

Nope. Not even an adorable beagle motif could save this trend.

7. Could These Be Cool Again?

I don’t know, but I would maybe actually wear these vintage ’90s ones from the Limited just for nostalgia’s sake.

8. Turquoise Jewelry

Could It Be Cool Again?

If it’s kept very subtle as opposed to the big bold Southwestern jewelry your mom used to order off QVC.

Could These Ever Be Cool Again?

Belly chains are the tramp stamps of jewelry.

So no.

Could These Ever Be Cool Again?

Yes, but only on a guy.

Could These Ever Be Cool Again?

This chick is pulling it off.

12. Mother of Pearl Bangles

Could These Ever Be Cool Again?

I predict they’ll make a comeback in cuff format.

13. Cloisonne

This is the trend that makes you think of your kindergarten teacher.

These cloisonne cat earrings are actually kind of awesome. They make you think of your high school art teacher, who to this day is still probably very cool.

14. Pearls

For something so classic, this looks so dated.

Will They Ever Be Cool Again?

Trying to make pearls “edgy” kind of screams that you’re trying too hard.

15. Hemp Jewelry

Could It Ever Be Cool Again?

These leather/hemp mix bracelets are probably the classiest hemp will ever be.

16. Big Hoop Earrings

Like the ones Destiny’s Child always wore.

Could These Ever Be Cool Again?

Totally. You could rock them in an ’80s mom way, an early ’90s Alphabet City way, or channel your inner Kelly Bundy.

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