14 Trends From Coachella 2012 You’ll Probably See More Of This Summer

The execution on all of these wasn’t perfect, but a lot of this stuff is pretty cute — and beats the cliché cutoffs and crop tops you usually see at these things.

1. Matching Tops And Bottoms

This is like, the perfect amount of midriff.

ID: 248581

2. Bustier-Top Dresses

ID: 248599

3. Cutout Dresses

ID: 248601

4. Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Sadly, I think we might actually be reaching the saturation point of round sunglasses. These cat-eyes look really refreshing, especially with an otherwise unremarkable outfit.

ID: 248607

5. Pink And Orange

Colors that make you want to eat ice cream can never be a bad thing.

ID: 248697

6. Mismatched Leopard

A LOT of people were wearing leopard print this year, but wearing two kinds at once is so counter-intuitive that it’s kind of awesome.

ID: 248693

7. Photographic Prints

ID: 248711

These jeans are like ART.

ID: 248812

9. Polka Dots

These girls wore polka dots and managed to not look like sad Zooey Deschanel or sad Betty Page.

ID: 248807

10. Palazzo Pants

It’s kind of like taking a time machine to The Limited in 1991. If you can pull it off and make it look like it’s 2012, you’re doing something right.

ID: 248817

11. Vintage White Lacy Dresses

There’s certainly a right or wrong way to wear the “flimsy white dress.” Maybe it’s the fact that her underwear isn’t seeping through that makes this girl look so good?

ID: 248824

12. Statement Sneakers

ID: 248841

13. Non-Strappy Sandals

These sandals are, dare I say, holographic?

ID: 248990

14. The Head Scarf

A very glamourous alternative to the hippie headband.

ID: 249041

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