19 Heinous Acts That Prove Babies Are Masters Of Crime

These criminals are dangerous, unhinged and adorable.

1. Cold-blooded murder.

ID: 3414177

2. Assault and battery of a man in a dog costume.

Flickr: kiwi-lomo / creative commons
ID: 3412864

3. Grand theft auto.

ID: 3413793

4. Being drunk all the time.

ID: 3413996


ID: 3414021

6. Doing a poo in an art gallery.

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ID: 3412834

7. Looking like a terrifying ghost on the baby monitor.

ID: 3413678

8. “Barfing”.

Flickr: benmcleod / Creative Commons
ID: 3414405

9. Crimes against dining ettiquette.

ID: 3414034
ID: 3414040

10. Looking exactly like Wallace Shawn from The Princess Bride.


ID: 3413467

11. Being seven minutes old and already fed up with life.

ID: 3413238

12. Bumsplosions.

ID: 3413765

13. Just generally being a total jerk.

ID: 3414370

14. Impersonating a baby ghost.

ID: 3414465

15. Holding a business meeting over breakfast.

ID: 3413972

16. TERRIBLE manners.

ID: 3414115

17. Impersonating adults.

ID: 3414320

18. Refusing to be a happy flower.

ID: 3414365

19. Not giving a single fuck.

ID: 3413638

And remember, baby crimelords: there’s only one place you’re ending up: baby jail.

ID: 3414274

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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