A Pop Culture Drinking Game For Summer 2013

As if you need a reason to drink.

1. Drink if someone makes a joke about North West’s name.

But seriously. You’ve got Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kylie, and Kendall… they could’ve at least named her “Knorth.”

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2. Drink if you see a #SharkNado hashtag.

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3. Drink if Miley Cyrus does something to prove she’s a sex symbol. Or twerks.

ID: 1364334

4. Drink if Amanda Bynes calls someone ugly on Twitter.

ID: 1364341

5. Finish your drink if Amanda Bynes wears a new wig in public.

ID: 1364344

Wig + puppy = bonus drink!

ID: 1364350

6. Drink if you’re so over finding out who A is on Pretty Little Liars.

ID: 1364352

7. Drink if you hear someone already planning Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

ID: 1364354

8. Drink every time one of your friends gets addicted to Game of Thrones.

ID: 1364355

9. Finish your drink when they call you whining about the Red Wedding.


ID: 1364358

10. Drink if BuzzFeed posts something about millennials.

For example, this, this, this, THIS, AND THIS.

ID: 1364368

11. Drink when you go see cartoon movie sequels like Monsters University, Despicable Me 2, The Smurfs 2, etc.

ID: 1364370

12. Drink every time one of the True Blood characters is in a sex scene.

ID: 1364375

13. Drink if any celebrity chefs use racial slurs.

ID: 1364377

14. Drink every time Justin Bieber posts a selfie or has a controversial temper tantrum.

ID: 1364383

15. Drink if Instagram or Vine raise their video feature’s second-limit. Again.

ID: 1364404

16. Drink if Lindsay Lohan tweets something depressing.

More info here.

ID: 1364409

17. Drink for any stages of T-Swift’s “date him, dump him, and write a song about him” cycle.

This is sure to get you shitfaced.

ID: 1364417

18. Drink if there’s a large success in the campaign for gay rights.

ID: 1364420

19. Drink if every day between now and Aug. 11 is just another day of hell for you as you wait for Breaking Bad’s final season.

ID: 1364422

20. Drink if you know that the person on the other end of the relationship in Catfish is probably hiding something. Drink again if you realize this is every episode of Catfish.

ID: 1364424

21. Drink if you hear a top 20 song with lyrics loosely involving “being young and free,” “running things,” or “partying until the sun comes up.”

ID: 1364426

22. Finish your drink if any royalty is born.

ID: 1364431

23. Drink if you beat a level on Candy Crush Saga.

ID: 1364434

24. Finish your drink if you pay for extra lives on Candy Crush Saga. And then reevaluate your life.

ID: 1364435

25. Drink if you see a joke about the NSA watching us all.

ID: 1364442

26. Finish the whole bottle if you’re an NSA agent and you just saw a bunch of people drink with the little cameras you have EVERYWHERE.

ID: 1364450

If you’re still alive, you win. You win life.

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