21 Things Parents Of Millennials Hate

But Moooooooooommmmmm…

4. Any browser other than

5. Why you’re living at home with them

6. The Stevens’ boy from down the street who is in law school now

7. That awful music you listen to

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

9. Knowing the difference between Plain and Vanilla soy milk

11. Why you won’t just wear sensible Transitions™ lenses

13. Your goddamn Beanie Baby collection, do you know how much they spent on those stupid things

14. Why you blocked them on Facebook

15. Why anyone would pay $15/lb for coffee when there’s

17. Hackers


18. Why you need to take so many selfies

19. Your boyfriend

21. The character limit in the “email to a friend” widget for articles about millennials they want to send to you


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