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  • 5 Of The Most Dramatic Sweet Valley High Book Covers

    They’ve been perpetually perfect since 1983 and, to this day, we still love them. Yes, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield (those lovely California blondes with stunning size six figures, blue-green eyes and matching dimples) drove their jeep of drama into our hearts decades ago and left it there. And when we say drama, we mean DRAMA. Here are five of our favourite theatrical SVH covers.

    Novelicious 2 months ago respond

  • 10 Beloved Book Series We Still Get Nostalgic About

    Boarding school pranks, midnight feasts, crime solving kids and half-human, half-plant hybrids living in the basement. Long before Twilight and The Hunger Games dominated the market, and before we had the internet to distract us after school, these were just some of the story-lines that kept us up late at night with a torch under the covers.

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