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10 Problems Book Nerds Will Understand

While it's true that a bibliophile's life is one full of unbridled, book-loving joy, it also comes with its issues. If you’re a fellow book nerd, you can probably relate to these 10 problems.

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1. ‘I couldn’t possibly come into work – I was up all night reading’ isn’t a valid reason for a sick day.

2. Falling head over heels in love with a fictional character.

3. ‘I don’t really read much.’ – Your blind date as the waitress serves drinks. Only an appetizer and main course to go before you can get the hell out of there.

4. Lying awake at night worrying about how George Weasley is doing.

5. Waiting for the next installment in a series. Contemplating kidnapping the author and locking them in your attic to make them write faster.

6. Getting to the last ten pages and having to stop reading because it’s time to go to work / sit in the dentist’s chair / pick the kids up from school / walk down the aisle.

7. Missing pages. A plague on both your houses!

8. Not wanting to start a new book because you’re so hungover from the last one, but not really knowing who you are without reading. Depression sets in.

9. Constantly checking your favourite series author's Twitter feed just in case they announce the new book is ready.

10. ‘I’ll just have a quick look’ turning into a three-hour rummage every time you pass a bookstore.

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