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9 Ideas For Random Acts Of Literary Kindness

Little acts of kindness just make life seem that much better, don't they? Especially when they have a little bit of literary magic to them. Here are our top ideas for literary guerilla goodness.

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2. While You're There, Leave A Gift Card Tucked Between The Pages

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While you're at the library, leave a gift card tucked between the pages of a chunky novel you really loved. Enough for a coffee and a slice of cake.


3. Leave A Great Book Propped Against A Random Mailbox

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Really enjoyed your last read? Squirrel it away by a random mailbox as you pass for someone to find when they collect the bills and junk mail.

5. Donate Your Favourite Books From Childhood

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The slightly worn Narnia books and the old Goosebumps paperbacks that you haven't had the heart to throw away. Round them up and leave them at a local children's ward.

6. Send A Moping Friend Flowers From Their Literary Crush

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Is a friend finding it hard to get over a breakup? Send flowers from their literary crush with a note that's brimming with compliments and encouragement.

8. Leave The Occasional Book For Someone To Find Too

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Whether it's on a bus, at the park or in a coffee shop, leave the occasional book behind with an inscription about what you hope the finder will get from it. You can leave your email address too, if you're up for some book discussion.

9. Set Up A Miniature Mad Hatter's Tea Party For Someone To Stumble Across

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Head to a local park or woodlands early with a bunch of your old crockery, a cake or two, some playing cards and a copy of Alice in Wonderland. Leave it in a mild state of Mad Hatter's Tea Party disarray for someone to stumble across. Just don't forget to clean it up afterwards!


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