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    9 Ideas For Random Acts Of Literary Kindness

    Little acts of kindness just make life seem that much better, don't they? Especially when they have a little bit of literary magic to them. Here are our top ideas for literary guerilla goodness.

    1. Pay Off Someone's Library Fines

    2. While You're There, Leave A Gift Card Tucked Between The Pages

    3. Leave A Great Book Propped Against A Random Mailbox

    4. Write A Letter From A Beloved Literary Character

    5. Donate Your Favourite Books From Childhood

    6. Send A Moping Friend Flowers From Their Literary Crush

    7. Leave Literary Quotes On Post It Notes In Random Places

    8. Leave The Occasional Book For Someone To Find Too

    9. Set Up A Miniature Mad Hatter's Tea Party For Someone To Stumble Across