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  • Top Signs You Are A Mother

    Motherhood isn’t always full of happy babies and clean laundry. There is the projectile vomit, the all night crying, and more dirty diapers than you could every imagine (seriously). But no one would trade being a mom in for any other job in the world. This is why one day a year, we celebrate moms all across the globe by pampering them and giving them the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Let’s all give a collective “Thank You” to our moms!

    MyNameNecklace 3 months ago respond

  • Top 14 Gifts For The Breaking Bad Series Finale

    Sadly it all ends today, the series finale of the phenomenal show Breaking Bad. All great things must conclude, and tonight we will find out what happens to the great Heisenberg, Jesse Pinkman, and the rest of the people who have survived till this point. While we wait to see what happens in the end, take a look at these great gifts to remember one of the greatest shows of all time!

    MyNameNecklace 10 months ago 1 response