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15 Outrageous Name Necklaces People Actually Ordered - NSFW Version!

At MyNameNecklace, we get a lot of orders for, well, name necklaces. And while Alexandra, Sarah, and Julia tend to be popular names, we get a variety of other requests. While some of them are for inspirational words, favorite sports teams, or even favorite geographical locations, some are...just a bit odd. Check out what kind of name necklaces people actually ordered!

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Everyone at the end of the work week feels this way! And while this was a popular option, we are a bit disappointed that no one added "given" at the end of the necklace!


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We are unsure if this spelling mistake is intentional or not because why hate on otters, they build dams. Like the aforementioned zero fucks, it's how we feel at the end of the work week, after final exams, or after a few too many brews.


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According to the internets, it means when something isn't working properly. We think it comes from one of the commonwealth countries where the word "cunt" is used much more liberally in vocabulary. Maybe it is a close cousin to "Cuntagon."

Here's another train of thought, would "Good Will Cunting" make your list of rejected porn titles?


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You might be a redneck if you are wearing a name necklace that says "redneck" on it…in red. Just sayin'!

(Note: this was taken with a whiskey bottle, but we know that those who wear this necklace swear by their moonshine!)


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When I once called my brother a "butthole," my dad, a doctor, told me that buttholes are an important part of the body. If I really wanted to call him a bad name, I should go with "anal cyst." Who would want one of those?!

And now we leave you with the obligatory gif! Enjoy!

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What kind of crazy thing would you put on a personalized necklace? Leave a comment and let us know! Maybe you'll join our list in 2015!

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