20 Most Awesome Inscriptions On Name Necklaces

At MyNameNecklace we make well… name necklaces. Most people order their names, but there are those who go wild with their necklace inscriptions. We would like to salute some of the best we have seen in the last year.

1. MileyVyrus

Not a typo (we checked). We are now debating if the customer is a fan or someone fed-up being surrounded by Miley fans.

2. NinjaSaurus!

A new type of dinosaur was recently located in Utah. Or it’s a close relative of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Shredder beware!

3. BigGunz

Either this dude really likes working out, or he looks like this.

4. BonerMachine

Is this how this guy picks up girls at a bar? Or is it how he helps himself, ahem, maintain…

5. BowieWhore

Clearly this person really likes Bowie, and also wanted to show the world how much they do.

6. Bumface

Insult or term of endearment, you decide.

7. Cuntagon

If you are wondering what this means, it is a gathering of “cunts”. Wearing this necklace is undoubtedly a great way of assembling said “cunts”.

8. DariaDeathblow

We don’t even understand this, but it was too weird to not put this on the list.

9. Dream2bWahlberg

Sure we love Marky Mark as well, but how can we be sure that he isn’t referring to that other boy band Wahlberg.

10. DumbBlonde

Obviously, this is something every girl wants to walk around with and show off to her friends.


Was this made for old men? In any case, we all know people who are deserving of wearing this necklace.

12. I Obey My Wife

This person seems to like to show off their sub side in this this dom/sub relationship.

13. Meshugenah

We couldn’t have said it better than the Urban Dictionary: That bitch is meshugenah.

14. Skank

The person wearing this necklace needs a constant reminder of who they really are.

15. Skitzo

Is there any good connotation that can be associated with a word that originated from Schizophrenia, or extensive drug use?

16. Slutbags

When did you last see a person carrying around a bag of sluts? Or is it just a bag of a singular slut?

17. Sugartits

Mel Gibson can definitely identify with this one, as this was his “affectionate” name for a police sergeant…Maybe he thought he can make his peace with her by sending this necklace.

18. ThugWifez

If you get caught in a random drive-by shooting, at least now you know why.

19. Cumslut

Maybe this bought by someone to wear in their homemade porn movie.

20. WTF?!

This is the perfect saying for all those people who are still scratching their heads and thinking about the unusual (to say the least) inscriptions people get on name necklaces. WTF indeed!

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