42 Ideas That Completely Backfired

So somebody broke your swing set and it definitely wasn’t me.

1. This grown man who decided to stick his finger in the wall at Chipotle.

ID: 3531710

2. This playground disaster.

ID: 3503977

3. This head-first “dive” into the pool.

ID: 3532385

4. This driving lesson.

ID: 3504171

5. This all-too-real rendition of an Alicia Keys song.

ID: 3527191

6. This short-lived grocery cart ride.

ID: 3527095

7. This sad attempt to beat the system.

ID: 3504211

8. This man who thought it was a good idea to repeatedly test an electric fence.

ID: 3526971

9. This tactical toss.

ID: 3504197

10. This veteran kick move.

ID: 3526818

11. This swing jump over muddy water.

ID: 3526913

12. This unfortunate safety net.

ID: 3526833

13. This conjoined backflip.

ID: 3526942

14. The thought that this swing set would hold up.

ID: 3531344

15. This tango with the TV.

ID: 3526961

16. The decision to drive this forklift through a tight space in the warehouse.

ID: 3527023

17. This unique way of traveling down the escalator.

ID: 3527055

18. This spirited kick of rage.

ID: 3527082

19. This parkour jump.

ID: 3527217

20. This spin around the rail of the bed.

ID: 3527116

21. This groomsman who just wanted to be one of the guys.

ID: 3531330

22. This foolproof plan to move a cement cylinder.

ID: 3531384

23. This sneaky attempt to evade the police.

ID: 3531401

24. This surfing lesson.

ID: 3531450

25. This untimely choice to fix the windshield wiper.

ID: 3531455

26. This barricaded slide.

ID: 3531470

27. This leap over a row of chairs.

ID: 3531486

28. This ingenious way of moving a TV.

ID: 3531496

29. This trashcan kick.

ID: 3531518

30. This friend’s attempt to de-leg a chair.

ID: 3531523

31. This man who felt the need to kick his dog into the water.

ID: 3531559

32. This grocery store shortcut.

ID: 3531576

33. This swing version of kickball.

ID: 3531747

34. This playground flip.

ID: 3532023

35. This new way of going down the stairs.

ID: 3532043

36. This unfortunate consequence of cutting down a tree branch.

ID: 3532059

37. This man’s slippery endeavor of videobombing the news.

ID: 3532138

38. This idea to surf off the roof.

ID: 3532190

39. This test of balance.

ID: 3532527

40. This unlucky toss.

ID: 3532456

41. This one-handed cartwheel dive into the pool.

ID: 3532273

42. And this man’s attempt to relive his childhood.

ID: 3525089

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