34 Things From 2012 That Made You Feel Old

Remember everything that made you feel old this year. Happy 2013!

1. The woman on the Blink-182 album was arrested this year, and this is what her mugshot looked like:

ID: 777731

2. The cast of “Full House” reunited for their 25TH ANNIVERSARY.

(Minus the Olsen twins, obv)

ID: 777782

3. The kid from “Problem Child” doesn’t look like this anymore…

ID: 777738

He looks like this:

ID: 777739

4. Fifteen years after its original release, “Titanic” was released in 3-D.

ID: 777748

5. And this is what Leo looks like toasting today.

ID: 777747

6. The CD turned 35 this year.

ID: 777835

7. Eminem turned 40.

Jumana El Heloueh / Reuters
ID: 777761

8. And his daughter Hailie is 17.

ID: 777855

9. In December, she took down Taylor Swift.

ID: 777942

10. S Club reunited this year…and here’s how that went:

Not so well…

ID: 777770

11. Lizzie McGuire had a baby.

ID: 777858
ID: 777865

12. And this is what her “little brother” looks like today:

ID: 777922

13. “The Mighty Ducks” movie turned 20.

That’s what Goldberg looks like today.^

ID: 778047

14. Pong turned 40.

ID: 778279

15. Brad Pitt turned 50.

ID: 777907

16. And Lindsay Lohan’s first mugshot turned five.

ID: 777935

17. The original Gerber Baby sassed up the “Today” show.

ID: 777728

18. The Backstreet Boys celebrated their 19th anniversary.

You can watch video of them celebrating with the New Kids on the Block here.

ID: 778291

19. And if Sonic were a human, he could now legally drink.

This year was the 21st anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog.

ID: 777952

20. “Boy Meets World” has been off the air long enough for Corey and Topanga to have a 13-year-old child in the reboot

ID: 778077

21. Lisa Turtle made her return to TV.

ID: 778082

22. Beans from “Even Stevens” joined Facebook.

ID: 778078

23. The Super Nintendo has now been released closer to when…

ID: 778094

…we landed on the moon than to today.

ID: 778095

24. Sasha and Malia:

ID: 778101

25. AIM (just about) died.

The entire staff was cut in March.

ID: 778123

26. Smarterchild actually died.

ID: 778119

27. All of this basically means you will never see these away messages ever again:

ID: 778125

30. Chuck E. Cheese no longer looks like this:

ID: 778179

In 2012, he was redesigned to look like this:

ID: 778184

31. Wendy’s also went from this:

ID: 778263

To this:

Its new logo was released in October.

ID: 778262

32. Sixteen years ago, Nintendo released the N64.

ID: 778204

In 2012, Nintendo released the Wii U.

ID: 778206

33. Kids born today will have no idea what these taste like:

ID: 778232

34. And if none of those made you feel old, then just remember: Starting next year, kids born in 2000 will be teenagers.

ID: 778324

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