The 14 Most Interesting Facts About Kim Dotcom, The Founder Of Megaupload

Kim Dotcom, the guy who was just arrested for founding Megaupload, is a pretty crazy and unique guy. Here’s everything you need to know about him.

1. 1. He made $42 million from Megaupload in 2010 alone.

Megaupload has made $175 million since 2005.

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2. 2. Megaupload reportedly gets 50 million visitors a day.

Megaupload was at one time the 13th biggest website on the internet. The site made money from ads and by charging customers for premium accounts.

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3. 3. He’s 6’7” and reportedly weighs over 300 pounds.

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4. 4. He’s really into bubbles:

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7. 5. He wears his clothes in hot tubs:

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9. 6. He’s a ladies man:

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11. 7. He owns a $30 million mansion near Auckland, New Zealand:

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13. 8. He also owns these giant giraffe statues:

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14. 9. He’s not a vegetarian:

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15. 10. He tried to eat Bruce Willis:

ID: 88261

16. 11. He has a car with the license plate: “GUILTY”.

He also had a Rolls Royce with the license plate: “GOD”. Other luxury cars have plates that say: “MAFIA,” “EVIL,” and “STONED.”

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17. 12. His nickname is “Dr. Evil”.

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18. 13. He drives around on golf courses with his Mercedez-Benz:

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How f*kn cool is that?!! He’s German, by the way.

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19. 14. He likes posing like this:

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Pictures via Tonterias. Facts via Huffington Post.

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