12 Male Celebrities With Lana Del Rey’s Lips

Have you ever wondered what Nic Cage looks like with Lana Del Rey’s lips? Well, you’re welcome.

1. Nic Cage

ID: 103204

2. Tom Hanks

ID: 103224

3. Eminem

ID: 103206

4. Andrew Garfield

ID: 103209

5. Jack Nicholson

ID: 103211

6. Alec Baldwin

ID: 103222

7. Daniel Radcliffe

ID: 103213

8. Bradley Cooper

ID: 103214

9. Zac Efron

ID: 103225

10. Ryan Gosling

ID: 103217

11. Daniel Craig

ID: 103220

12. Billy Ray Cyrus

ID: 103216

Use the image editor tool in the comments (next to the blinking arrow) to add Lana’s lips to your own face!

ID: 103234

This post was inspired by the People With Lana Del Rey’s Lip’s Blog. Check it out!

ID: 103223

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