The 22 Best Plays Of A Wicked-Awesome NBA Playoffs

Dunks! Three-pointers! Blocks!

22. Stephen Curry’s one-legged three against the Spurs.

ID: 1294454

21. Carmelo Anthony’s dunk against the Pacers.

ID: 1294487

20. Taj Gibson’s jam against the Nets.

ID: 1294337

19. Manu Ginobili’s mind-boggling pass against the Heat.

ID: 1293489

18. Tony Parker’s silly step-back three-pointer from Game 6.

ID: 1293835

17. Andrew Bogut’s ballsy slam on JaVale McGee.

ID: 1294324

16. JaVale McGee’s revenge dunk on Bogut.

ID: 1294344

15. Stephen Curry’s Harlem Globetrotters pass against the Spurs.

ID: 1294457

14. Nate Robinson’s overtime shot against the Nets.

ID: 1294370

13. LeBron’s way too easy game-winner from Game 1 of the Eastern Conference final.

ID: 1293608

12. Andre Miller’s timelessly crafty game-winner against the Warriors.

ID: 1294401

11. Chris Paul’s floater against the Grizzlies at the buzzer.

ID: 1294420

10. Tayshaun Prince’s surprising dunk in traffic and on Serge Ibaka.

ID: 1294490

9. J.R. Smith’s effortless 30-foot three-pointer.

ID: 1291166

8. Kawhi Leonard embarrassing Mike Miller.

ID: 1294256

7. Chris Bosh stuffing Danny Green to end Game 6.

ID: 1293356

6. Iman Shumpert’s insane put-back dunk against the Pacers.

ID: 1293856

5. Roy Hibbert’s series-changing block on Carmelo Anthony.

ID: 1293668

4. Paul George’s disgusting dunk on Birdman.

ID: 1293607

3. LeBron James shattering Tiago Splitter’s hopes and dreams.

ID: 1293458

2. Tony Parker’s incredible floater to clinch Game 1.

ID: 1293516

1. And of course Ray Allen’s CLUTCH three-pointer.

ID: 1291141

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