J.R. Smith’s 30-Foot Buzzer-Beater Was Sublime Basketball

Just J.R. Smith doing more J.R. Smith things.

1. New York’s J.R. Smith nailed this neat, off-balance jumper in the waning moments of the first quarter, but he was far from done.

ID: 1103860

2. Then, Smith forced this Celtics turnover on the ensuing inbounds pass.

ID: 1103863

3. J.R. Smith then did the most J.R. Smith thing he could do: nail an insane three to cap off the quarter.

ID: 1103864

4. Not sure what this is, but we won’t forget it any time soon.

ID: 1103865

5. Here’s the entire sequence, which might be even nuttier when seen in real-time.

ID: 1103867

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