28 Things We’ll Miss From Johnny Football’s Twitter Account

The 20-year-old Heisman winner wants his privacy back.

Yesterday, Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel announced a self-imposed Twitter ban. We’re really going to miss him.

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1. Throwback Thursdays.

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2. His meta selfies.

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3. Because he got ALL the beads at Mardi Gras!

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4. When he hung out with his boy 2 Chains.

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5. When he joined Rick Ross’s posse.

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6. When he did the Heisman pose with Wale.

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7. His friendships with the Lob City crew.

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8. His spring break photos in Cabo.

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9. When he hung out with this sick little kid.

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10. When he played Monopoly with sick kids in Connecticut.

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11. When he told Marshall Henderson to forget about the haters.

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12. That time he totalled his car.

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13. When he humblebragged about being a 6 or 7 handicap in golf.

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14. When he became boys with the Duck Dynasty crew.

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15. Or when he golfed with the Jonas brothers?

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16. When he was cramming for finals.

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17. When he went to that rave at TCU with his boys.

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18. When Michael Vick congratulated him on earning his attention.

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19. When him and fellow Aggie Von Miller showed their school spirit.

*The thumbs up is a Texas A&M tradition that stands for “gig’em Aggies.”

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20. When he’s hanging out with the wifey.

ID: 1020023

21. When he took selfies in his sick camo gear.

ID: 1020277

22. Hunting with his pops.

ID: 1020074

23. When he hung out with Megan Fox at the Tonight Show

ID: 1020076

That time he chilled with LeBron.

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25. Or when he bumped into James Harden in the Rockets locker room.

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26. That time him and his sister got matching Rolex’s for Christmas.

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27. His trips to Oklahoma casinos.

ID: 1020171

*You can gamble at 18 years old in Oklahoma.

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28. And who could forget that time he met Manti T’eo’s girlfriend?

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Let’s keep our fingers crossed he doesn’t shut down his wonderful Instagram account next.

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