21 Consequences Of Staying At The Bar Till Last Call

An ode to all you veteran mistake makers and risk takers who foolishly throw caution to the wind, even when the bar lights come on.

It’s Saturday night and you’re having a blast with your friends…

ID: 627786

So you decide to stay out a little later than usual…

ID: 627798

But be careful because if you stay till last call you just might…

ID: 627725

1. …chain smoke an entire pack of Marlboro Reds

ID: 625190

2. …order 46 Jager Bombs

ID: 625492

3. …get into a political or philosophical argument with this guy

ID: 625575

4. …get a free shot from a half-naked bartender

ID: 625504

5. …while simultaneously getting vomited on

ID: 625513

6. …endure cheesy pickup lines

ID: 625531

7. …have to protect your drink from that creepy guy in the corner

ID: 627419

8. …proudly pee in the sink

ID: 625344

9. …misplace your cell phone

ID: 627935

10. …get emotional

ID: 627415

11. …exchange flirty stares across the bar

ID: 627425

12. …with this guy

ID: 627499

13. …grind with a tall cigar-smoking gentleman

ID: 625421

14. …fall asleep

ID: 627921

15. …wake up and think tequila is an AWESOME idea

ID: 627647

16. …fight a bouncer

ID: 625201

17. …lose fight with bouncer

ID: 625551

18. …end up at Denny’s

ID: 625226

19. …wake up with a lucky stranger

ID: 625365

20. …lose your dignity

ID: 627994

21. …swear off alcohol forever

ID: 627996

…at least until Thursday

ID: 628013

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